Our Model

Vonzos Partners invests in revenue generating companies that are "stalled, but not stuck" (i.e., running out of runway or out of runway). Beyond working capital, we also provide personalized coaching, mentoring, and executive leadership to raise additional capital, attract new customers, and develop strategic partnerships. We’re your partner in discovering and unleashing untapped potential.


Our team of senior level executives, serial entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts provides more than platitudes and encouragement. We roll-up our sleeves and dive-in to internalize the opportunities and challenges of each company. Vonzos Partners collaborates to develop a comprehensive plan, form a dedicated team, and aggressively executes strategic actions. We leverage our vast network of investors, strategic partners, and service providers to ensure success on every front. Vonzos boldly strives for zero failures in our portfolio.

Portfolio Companies

If the hospital had sent home an instruction manual with your baby, WeeSchool would be it. We’ve taken away the pressure of trying to figure out what to do when to do it and how to do it. We help you understand what milestones to look for and exactly how to play with your kiddo in those important first three years.

Tiatros provides safe and effective psychological resilience and behavioral health programs that improve psychic and somatic health, and that promote personal growth and professional success.

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