Redefining the VC Landscape

Our team of senior level executives, serial entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts provides more than platitudes and encouragement. We roll-up our sleeves and dive-in to internalize the opportunities and challenges of each company.

V-Scale is a full-service strategic business growth and coaching firm.  Our team provides management with mentoring, executive leadership, and technology domain expertise.

Vivify Advisors is a free, non-profit investment group supporting startups with a diverse founding team and startups that have a socially beneficial company mission.  We are stage and technology agnostic. 

About Us

Vonzos Partners, a venture capital firm with a high-contact and in-person approach, is redefining the industry. Vonzos is both a VC and strategic business growth firm.  We also facilitate a non-profit angel group, Vivify Advisors.  The Vonzos Partners team of approximately 30 experts from investment, executive management, and technology sectors provides coaching, mentoring, and executive leadership to revenue generating companies in the health and wellness and core technology market segments looking to improve momentum. By combining personalized services with the required growth capital, the Vonzos team transforms under-performing companies into high-growth overachievers thereby producing higher rates of return for investors and founders alike.

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